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ABZ Valve

ABZ High-Performance Double Offset Butterfly Valves – Elite 400 Series

ABZ Valve ABZolute Seal Series 400 – Double Offset High-Performance Butterfly Valves

ABZ Resilient Seated Butterfly Valves – Figures 396/397

ABZ Resilient Seated Butterfly Valves – Figures 201/202

ABZ Resilient Seated Butterfly Valves – Figures 101/108/102

ABZ Resilient Seated Butterfly Valves – Figures 090/929

ABZ Wafer Dual Door Check Valve 1CD Series

ABZ Triple Offset Metal Seated Butterfly Valves – Extreme 6000 Series

ABZ Pneumatic Actuator Series 228 Technical Data Sheet

ABZ Electric Actuator Technical Data Sheet – Electric Series


Aflex PTFE Lined Hose-Chemical Resistant

Aflex PTFE Lined Hose-Pharma


Anamet SL Stripwound Conduit

Anamet UI Stripwound Conduit


ASCO 8290 Series Solenoid Valves

ASCO ATEX Solenoid Valves

ASCO Hazardous Location Solutions

ASCO RedHat Next Generation


Auma Electric Multi-turn Valve Actuators


Bernard Quarter Turn Actuator


Chemprene 2ply White Nitrile

Chemprene 3ply Blue Roughtop

Chemprene 3ply Brown Neoprene

Chemprene 3ply Meatcleat

Chemprene 3ply White Nitrile


Sanitary Pipe Fittings Catalog


Dry Disconnect Couplings Catalog

Sanitary Disconnect Couplings


Dwyer Pressure Gauges


Eaton Industrial Hose and Tubing Catalog

Eaton Industrial Rubber Hose Catalog


Fenner Dunlop Delta Heat

Fenner Dunlop Fire Retardant Covers

Fenner Dunlop General Service Covers

Fenner Dunlop Heat and Oil Resistant Covers

Fenner Dunlop Heat Resistant Covers

Fenner Dunlop Hot Shot

Fenner Dunlop MineFlex

Fenner Dunlop MineHaul

Fenner Dunlop Oil Resistant Covers

Fenner Dunlop PowerGuard

Fenner Dunlop PSR

Fenner Dunlop Retardant and Oil Resistant Covers

Fenner Dunlop RockMaster

Fenner Dunlop Specialty Compound Covers

Fenner Dunlop UsFlex



Flexaust Product Catalog


Forum Valve Solutions

Forum 709/719 Resilient Seated Butterfly Valves

Forum: Pneumatic Actuator Series 227

Forum Accuseal® Power Generation Valves

Forum Cast Steel & Stainless Steel Gate, Globe & Check Vavles

Forum Quadrant® Valves – Condensed Catalog


HabaGUARD Antimicrobial Conveyor Belts


HABASIT Cardboard

HABASIT Confectionery

HABASIT Meat and Poultry

HABASIT Meat Processing

HABASIT Packaging

HABASIT Printing and Paper

Hose Master

Hose Master Corrugated Metal Hose

Hose Master Corrugated Metal Hose-ChlorSafe

Hose Master Corrugated Metal Hose PressureMax HP

Hose Master Expansion Joints

Hose Master Stripwound Metal Hose-Flow-Tite

Hose Master Stripwound Metal Hose

Hose Master Stripwound Metal Hose T-Rex

Hose Master Stripwound Metal Hose & Assemblies Catalog


ITT Ball Valves-Cam-Tite

ITT Ball Valves-Cam-Line


ITT C37L Knifegate Valve

ITT C42 Recycle-Reject Valve

ITT C45 Knifegate Valve

ITT C67 Knifegate Valve

ITT C67 Specification Spec Sheet

ITT C105 Knifegate Valve

ITT C132 Knifegate Valve

ITT CF33.CF133 Knifegate Valve

ITT CF37 Knifegate Valve

ITT CF134 Knifegate Valve

ITT Cam-Tite Severe Service Valves

ITT Dia-Flo Diaphragm Valves

ITT Drill Fluid Valve

ITT F44 Knifegate Valve

ITT Fabri Valves

ITT HD150.HD300 Knifegate Valve

ITT 33 PTA  & 33 PTD Slurry Valves

ITT S16 Knifegate valve

ITT Sanitary Diaphragm Valves

ITT XS150 Knifegate valve

ITT XS150-ULV Knifegate Valve


Kinetrol AP Pneumatic Positioner

Kinetrol AP Pneumatic Position4

Kinetrol AS Interface Serial Communication

Kinetrol EHD Half Turn Electric Actuator

Kinetrol EL Electropneumatic Positioner

Kinetrol Explosion Proof Limit Switch Box

Kinetrol P3.3-Stop Positioner

Kinetrol Rotary Actuators

Kinetrol Rotary Dampers

Kinetrol Universal Limit Switch Box


Kuriyama Industrial Rubber Hose

Kuriyama Kuri Tec Catalog

Kuriyama Rubber & Plastic Hose Catalog

Kuriyama Tigerflex Thermoplastic Industrial Hose

Kuriyama TigerFlex Hoses Catalog


McDaniel Model Q3

McDaniel Stainless Steel Gauges

McDaniel Ammonia Gauges

McDaniel Black Steel Case Utility Gauges

McDaniel General Service Gauges

McDaniel Glo-gauge

McDaniel Process Gauges

McDaniel 4.5″ Plant Safety Guide

McDaniel Liquid Fillable Stainless Steel Utility Gauges

McDaniel Liquid Filled Stainless Steel Case Utility Gauges

McDaniel Stainless Steel Case Utility Gauges


PTFE Piping System

NEXTEK Controls

NEXTEK Actuators


NovaFlex Composite Hose Resistance Chart

NovaFlex Uni-Chem Composite Hose


OPW Dry & Quick Disconnect Fittings

OPW Loading Systems Catalog

OPW Specialty Fittings

OPW Swivel Joints Catalog


Proco Series 230 – Expansion Joints

Proco Series 301 ET – Expansion Joints

Proco Series 233-234L – Expansion Joints

Proco Series 251 BT – Expansion Joints

Proco Series 260 R – Expansion Joints

Proco Series 271 – Expansion Joints

Proco Series 440 – Expansion Joints

Proco – Style RC & RE  – Rubber Expansion Joints


Resistoflex ATL PTFE

Resistoflex Check Valves

Resistoflex Check Valves-Storage Install etc

Resistoflex Diaphragm Valve Chemical Res.Table

Resistoflex Diaphragm Valve Dimensions

Resistoflex Diaphragm Valve-1

Resistoflex Diaphragm Valve-sizing

Resistoflex Design Manual

Resistoflex Horizontal Check Valve Dims

Resistoflex Field Fab Manual

Resistoflex Plastic Lined Pipe and Fittings Design Manual

Resistoflex PTFE Lined Hose

Resistoflex Valve Cross Reference

Resistoflex Vertical Check Valve Dims

Resistoflex Verticle and Horizontal Check Valves

Crane – ResistoPure Sanitary Hose


Richter Lined Ball Valves

Richter Ball Control Valves

Richter Heavy Duty Ball Valves

Richter Butterfly Valves

Rupture Pin Technology

Rupture Pin Technology Product Catalog


SafeRack Product Catalog


SensorTec Industrial Thermocouples Catalog

SensorTec RTD Catalog


Sharpe Series N66 – 3-Piece Sanitary Ball Valve

Sharpe Series 66 – High Purity 3-Piece Ball Valve

Sharpe Series 88 – High Purity 3-Piece Ball Valve

Sure Seal

Sure Seal Resilient Butterfly Valve 500-522

Sure Seal Resilient Butterfly Valve 600

Sure Seal Resilient Butterfly Valve 890-893

Sure Seal Resilient Butterfly Valve 899-892

Sure Seal LBF Lined Butterfly Valve


Accutrak Rotary Position Monitors