Check Valves

Industrial Check Valves


Industrial check valves prevent backflow, and SEMCOR offers a selection with linings designed to protect against highly corrosive and high-purity fluids. Protect your equipment the right way with PFA-lined check valves.

SEMCOR is a leading plastic check valve distributor in the Midwest, supplying brands from our St. Louis location. Read on to learn more about our PFA lined check valves.

Check Valves Uses & Applications

Manual plastic lined check valves are used in almost every piping scenario where there is a risk of backflow or back-pressure. Industrial check valves are designed to not only resist and mitigate these issues but also to protect the rest of your equipment.

The typical manual check valve can handle up to 275 psi. Combining it with liner materials, such as PFA,  increases corrosion and heat resistance. With few moving parts, the lining can protect the small interaction points and keep corrosion away for years.

Check Valve Brands

To deliver the best in PTFE-lined check valves, SEMCOR supplies Resistoflex check valves.

Resistoflex Check Valves

Resistoflex is continually improving the design of its industrial check valves.  Having only a single moving part greatly reduces maintenance concerns. Lining options include polypropylene, PVDF and PFA.

Check the Resistoflex manual and industrial check valves available in 1” through 8” sizes with full pipe diameter ports that minimize obstruction. We’re proud to be your check valve supplier and Resistoflex partner.

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