Lined Ball Valves

Plastic & PTFE Lined Ball Valves

Lined Ball Valves Uses & Applications

Plastic ball valves, specifically PTFE or PTFE-lined ball valves, use their lining to add an extra layer of protection on top of the standard rugged design of a ball valve. We supply PTFE-line ball valves to companies throughout the Midwest, especially those that need reliable operation in highly corrosive elements such as those processing sulfuric or hydrochloric acid.

SEMCOR offers a wide variety of customizations for nearly every PTFE ball valve we sell. All of our products are chosen to help you have a longer running life with less maintenance, reducing your total cost of ownership throughout your equipment’s life.

Lined Ball Valve Brands

PTFE ball valves must be made in high-quality environments with pure materials or they risk failure. To ensure that your operations run smoothly, SEMCOR provides plastic ball valves from two industry leaders:

ITT Cam-Line Plastic Lined Ball Valves

Richter Ball Control Valves

Richter Lined Ball Valves

Richter Heavy Duty Ball Valves


PTFE ball valves must properly withstand the test of time in harsh environments. To ensure reliability for the long term, SEMCOR offers a full complement of engineered solutions that are custom fit to your specific needs. Each custom option is thoroughly checked to your specifications by our in-house sales engineers to deliver real-world success.

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SEMCOR’s PTFE-lined ball valve selection was chosen to meet the most demanding situations in the chemical industry. Look through these offerings and then reach out to our expert staff to select the right plastic lined ball valves for your application.