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rubber-plastic-hose-supplierNo one rubber or plastic hose can handle every single application, but that’s why SEMCOR is one of the largest providers of industrial hose with a full selection to meet your needs. Rubber lined hose and plastic elements are always designed for specific requirements, from corrosion resistance to the ability to operate while submerged or under high temperatures.

Don’t look anywhere else in the Midwest because, at SEMCOR, we have the option that will address your needs at a very competitive price.

If your needs are very specific and unique, SEMCOR operates a full fabrication service that can create or customize plastic hose and industrial rubber hose to meet your demands. When you’re ready, we’ll also supplement that hose selection with all of the fittings and expansion joints to make your application a success.

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Rubber Hose Uses & Applications

Neoprene and other rubber hose is used in conveyances for industries from oil and petrochemical to manufacturing, aeronautics, cement and construction, food and beverage, and much more. It’s safe, strong and benefits almost any application involving movement.

Industrial rubber hose made from materials such as EPDM have become the powerhouse of outdoor applications because they’re able to take a lot of punishment in the form of heat, ozone and temperature. While EPDM is the covering on standard garden hose, its strength and capabilities have led to its use in a wide variety of industries.

Plastic Hose Uses & Applications

rubber-hose-supplierPlastic hose and tubing are often used in fluid applications such as moving water around buildings. They’re also ideal for pneumatic operations when there’s a stable control station but mobile applications. Materials can make all the difference for plastics, with silicone providing significant heat resistance and polyurethane being a go-to for vacuum and various pressure applications.

The color and thickness varieties of plastic hose also allow them to operate in complex environments, helping engineers maintain proper function and easing any required maintenance. In addition to excelling in operation while under harsh conditions, this hose goes a step further and make your workers’ tasks simpler as well.

Rubber & Plastic Hose Brands

To ensure we have what you need for your operation, we stock a variety of plastic and rubber hose, including:

Kuriyama Industrial Rubber Hose

Kuriyama Kuri Tec Catalog

Kuriyama Rubber & Plastic Hose Catalog

Kuriyama Tigerflex Thermoplastic Industrial Hose

Kuriyama TigerFlex Hoses Catalog

Crane – ResistoPure Sanitary Hose

Eaton Industrial Hose and Tubing Catalog

Eaton Industrial Rubber Hose Catalog


It’s possible to find an industrial rubber or plastic hose for any application you have. The significant variance and variety of these hoses means they’re often created to customer-specific standards.

We can help you select the perfect hose in the right color, diameter, material and other requirements.

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SEMCOR can save you time by providing the best selection of rubber and plastic hose designed for today’s most common and punishing industries. Find what you need and contact us for information on fabrication, supply and pricing.

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