Sanitary Applications

Sanitary Solutions & Applications

SEMCOR supplies a wide variety of products designed for sanitary applications to companies in Missouri, Kentucky, Iowa, Indiana, Illinois and beyond. Our sanitary solutions come from top manufacturers and are designed to resolve the most challenging issues when performing a wide variety of material handling and fluid handling processes. We can also custom-fabricate any of our products to handle specific or unique sanitary applications.

These products include specialty conveyor belts, valves, hoses, and fittings. Specific products designed for sanitary applications include Habaguard conveyor belts made with a special anti-microbial cover; filtration screens; sanitary ball, butterfly, check, diverter, diaphragm and control valves; solid PTFE valves, Resistopure silicone hoses; and solid PTFE pipe and tubing.

Sanitary Fluid Handling Applications

Sanitary pipes, hoses and valves are frequently used — and often required — in fluid handling processes where cleanliness and hygiene are of utmost importance. They are sometimes referred to as “food grade” sanitary solutions because they are most commonly used in food processing applications where compliance with the multitude of USDA and FDA rules and regulations is mandatory. They are also used in industries such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, oil & gas and many others. A couple of examples of specific sanitary applications include using PVC hoses for milk handling and sanitary ball valves for shutoff applications.

Sanitary Belting & Material Handling

As with sanitary fluid handling products, sanitary belting is an essential component of food processing operations that must maintain USDA and FDA compliance. They are often called “wash-down” belts because they enable quick and easy cleaning. Many food processing operations make use of thermoplastic covered belts featuring heat welded splices that enhance their sanitary properties. In general, the belts used in sanitary applications are lighter in weight than those used for handling heavier, bulkier industrial products. Specific food handling operations that use sanitary belting on a regular basis include bakery, meat, poultry, dairy, produce, confectionery, produce and seafood.

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