Conveyor Belts

Conveyor Belts

At SEMCOR, our conveyor belting supply solutions include quality products and expert service that help you move materials reliably through your operation and across the supply chain. Based in St. Louis, we are a partner to manufacturers, warehouses, shipping facilities and other organizations throughout Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky and Iowa. Our inventory of belting supplies and products comprises both plastic and metal conveyor belting, as well as transmission belting, rollers and pulleys, vulcanizers and other fabrication equipment, and more.

In addition to one of the largest inventories of products, we also offer comprehensive modification and fabrication expertise. If your specific requirements can’t be met by an off-the-shelf solution, we can help. Our sales engineers and fabrication experts can modify an existing conveyor belt or create an entirely new system from the ground up. We also offer repairs and temporary rentals of conveyor belting fabrication equipment.

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SEMCOR — Your One-Stop Conveyor Belt Supplier

Unlike limited rubber conveyor belt suppliers, SEMCOR is your trusted one-stop source for all your Midwest conveyor and belting services. So whether you need a full custom conveyor belt solution engineered for your unique application or you simply want a quality retrofit for your existing belt system, we have the experience, products and innovative services you’re looking for — all under one roof.

For instance, some of the most common conveyor belt services we supply include:

Follow the links below to learn more about our wide selection of belting supplies, products and capabilities. In addition, call or email our office directly for assistance.

Light Weight Conveyor Belting

Light weight conveyor belting is ideal for general applications in which materials must be moved quickly and efficiently. From food processing to package and baggage handling in airports, warehouses and other operations, light weight belting plays an important role in keeping your operation moving. To better serve a wide range of customers across different sectors, SEMCOR has partnered with several different conveyer belting manufacturers, including Habasit, Chemprene and more. With a large inventory of products and the unmatched expertise of our team, we can develop a comprehensive material handling solution that’s tailored to your needs.

Heavy Weight and High-Temperature Belting

heavy-weight-belting-supplierWhen standard belting won’t do, our lineup of heavy weight and high-temperature belting products delivers the performance and durability necessary to get the job done. We offer the Fenner Dunlop UsFlex® series of products, one of the most advanced conveyor belting solutions on the market today. Use it in any application in which superior rip, tear and impact resistance is required. Both rubber and PVC belting is available — any product can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Sanitary Conveyor Belting

Industries such as pharmaceutical and food and beverage processing have high sanitary standards that require specialized material handling systems. To better serve clients in these and other industries, SEMCOR has a number of products that meet HACCP and other requirements for clean operation. Let us help you develop a complete material handling solution that meets your regulatory obligations and helps you better manage risk. Contact a representative directly to learn more about anti-microbial belting and other sanitary products.

Rollers and Pulleys

conveyor-belt-roller-supplierRollers and pulleys are essentials parts of any conveyor system. Matching the right hardware with your needs ensures downtime and other issues are kept to a minimum. As your full-service partner for conveyor belting sales and service, SEMCOR has the expertise necessary to put together a complete package or source replacement parts for your existing equipment. Contact our office directly for more information about available rollers, pulleys and other parts for both plastic and metal conveyor belting systems.

Vulcanizers, Lacers & More

SEMCOR is pleased to provide clients throughout the Midwest with complete belt fabrication and repair services. However, if you prefer to perform work in-house, we can match you with the tools you need to get the job done to the highest standards of quality. We sell and rent vulcanizers, lacers, belt cutters and other tools, as well as cement adhesives and materials. We can also provide consulting and support around repair and fabrication issues. Contact our office directly to learn more about the various roles we can play.

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