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ACCU-DRIVE Damper Drives

damper-drive-supplierSEMCOR manufactures a proprietary line of damper drives under the ACCU-DRIVE name. Powered by a Kinetrol Vane Actuator — one of the most durable products on the market today — and featuring a Moore 760 positioner, as well as our own mounting hardware, the ACCU-DRIVE product is an all-in-one damper drive suitable for a wide range of applications.

Use ACCU-DRIVE products in any situation where you would use a standard damper drive, including for boiler, burner and turbine control in power plants, oil and gas refineries and other industrial operations. Whatever the task, you can count on ACCU-DRIVE to deliver seamless integration with your existing equipment, as well as exceptional reliability even in high-heat applications.

Like all products we sell, ACCU-DRIVE damper drives can be modified or customized to meet your individual specifications. Keep reading to learn more or contact a SEMCOR representative directly for more information.




  • Actuator: The Kinetrol high-performance vane style pneumatic actuator, properly sized for the appropriate service safety factor.
  • Mounting Hardware: The ACCU-DRIVE stand is fabricated from heavy carbon steel and protected with a baked on polyester powder coating to 3 mils D.F.T. The splined output shaft, fasteners and tubing are type 304 stainless steel. All stand bearings are heavy duty rated, sealed for life, suitable for washdown service and have electroless-nickel plated steel housings for superior corrosion resistance. Standard equipment includes a Norgren 5-micron air particulate filter/regulator with gauge and auto-drain.
  • Positioner: The ACCU-DRIVE standard pneumatic positioner is the Moore Model 760 with customer’s specified input signal and feedback (3-15 PSI, 4-20mA, 0-10VDC). The Moore positioner also includes gauges, speed adjusters and position indicator.


  • Arrangements: Direct mount to damper drive shaft or floor mount.
  • Manual Overrides: Lever with locking plate or declutchable handwheel gearbox.
  • Feedback: Mechanical or proximity limit switches and/or 4-20mA feedback.
  • Positioners: Although the Moore Model 760 pneumatic positioner is standard, the customer can specify their plant standard.
  • Air Failure Lock-ups: This option will lock up damper in last position upon loss of predetermined air pressure.

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