Electric Actuators

Electric Actuators

While there are several suppliers and fabricators of fluid handling equipment in the Midwest to choose from, few can match SEMCOR when it comes to providing superior products with unbeatable service. Our more than 100 years of experience also ensures you get access to a high level of product expertise. Our in-depth inventory includes a wide range of electric actuators that combine high quality with a low cost of ownership, which can provide a welcome boost to your company’s bottom line.

Electric Actuator Uses & Applications

electric-actuator-supplierActuators perform the essential function of opening and closing valves and can also play a prominent role in the automation of process control. Electric actuators are equipped with an electrically powered motor that offers the advantage of quiet, energy-efficient, pollution-free operation. However, electric actuators can only be used in work environments where a source of electricity is readily available. Electric actuators are commonly used in facilities such as power and wastewater treatment plants and refineries.


bernard-acutator-supplierAs a SEMCOR customer, you will have access to reliable, precise electric actuators from leading manufacturers such as Bernard, Auma and SVF Flow Controls, Inc. We have forged closed relationships with each of these manufacturers, enabling us to provide the high level of technical support you demand and deserve.

Auma Electric Multi-turn Valve Actuators

Bernard Quarter Turn Actuator

Kinetrol EHD Half Turn Electric Actuator

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