Industrial Valves

SEMCOR is a leading industrial valve supplier for manufacturers in the St. Louis area and beyond. For more than a century, we have been committed to bringing our clients the quality products and great service they need to succeed in a competitive environment. We are one of our region’s largest providers of industrial valves of various configurations. Through partnerships with companies such as ITT Industries, Richter, Resistoflex® and more, we have one of the most comprehensive inventories of products ready to ship to you.

We can also create a custom automated valve to your specifications. Get in touch today to learn more about our fabrication and customization capabilities.

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Butterfly Valves

amri-butterfly-valve-supplierButterfly valves are an affordable, lightweight type of metal valve that is used to interrupt the flow of product in various industrial processes. They are notable for their large center disc, which is connected to an actuator that regulates the flow of liquid through the component. SEMCOR carries butterfly valves by AMRI, Apollo and other manufacturers.

Ball Valves

apollo-ball-valve-supplierBall valves are one of the most common types of industrial flow regulators. As the name implies, they feature a floating ball that is moved by the valve handle to block the flow of liquid when necessary. Ball-type valves available from SEMCOR include Richter plastic-lined valves, ITT Cam-Tite metal valves and more.

Check Valves

As an authorized Resistoflex distributor, SEMCOR carries the company’s full catalogue of horizontal and vertical poppet-type check valves. These plastic-lined valves feature your choice of polypropylene resin, PVDF resin, or PFA resin liners, making them suitable for use with anything from corrosives to high-purity fluids. With just one moving part, they are virtually maintenance-free, while remaining highly effective at preventing backflow and back-pressure.

Diaphragm Valves

sed-valve-supplierIndustrial diaphragm valves are available in several sizes and material configurations. Typically controlled by a compressor, they are clean and form a reliably tight seal. However, they are limited in the types of pressure and temperature conditions that they can be used in. Diaphragm valves available from SEMCOR include Resistoflex plastic-lined valves, SED sanitary diaphragm valves, ITT Dia-Flo diaphragm valves and more.

Rupture Pin Safety Valves

rupture-pin-supplierRupture Pin manufactures a proprietary type of safety valve that is known to be highly accurate and reliable, even in the most demanding heavy-duty applications. Common applications for Rupture Pin safety valves include oil and gas processing, well drilling and pipeline development, chemical and food
processing, and more. Follow the link on this page to learn more.

Knife Gate Valves

Knife gate valves are available in both stainless steel and plastic construction to support a wide range of processes and applications. They feature tight shutoffs in one or two directions, and are designed to be used for on-off isolation of corrosive or abrasive liquids. They are often used in pulp and paper processing, mining and petrochemical industries.

Solenoid Valves

Key functions of a solenoid valve include shutting off, releasing, dosing, distributing or mixing fluids in a number of industrial processes. Featuring an electromechanically operated valve, they can be easily automated for use in pneumatic and hydraulic power systems, as well as various manufacturing applications. If your process requires a solenoid-type component, SEMCOR carries both standard and custom valve components.

Slurry Valves

Slurry valves typically feature a plastic or PTFE lining to provide additional protection and accuracy when handling corrosive components. As a result, they are often used for mining minerals processing, construction minerals processing and other heavy duty applications that would quickly wear out the internal components of a conventional industrial valve.

Severe Service Valves

Severe_Service_ValvesSevere service valves are a category of product containing specialized valves and actuators designed for the harshest conditions. These include extremes of temperature and pressure, as well as highly caustic materials encountered in oil and gas refining, chemical processing and manufacturing, and other applications. Contact SEMCOR and let us design a custom industrial valve to your specifications.

Sanitary Valves

When sanitary conditions are a necessity, special valves and other components are essential to preventing contamination. SEMCOR supplies sanitary valves by manufacturers such as Sharpe, SED and Waukesha. Whether you need a manual valve, a plastic-lined valve or anything else, we can supply you with a product that meets your high standards for microbe and contamination resistance.

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