Heavy Weight Conveyor Belting

Heavy Weight & High-Temperature Conveyor Belts

heavy-weight-conveyor-belt-supplyIf your business is based in Missouri, Kentucky, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana or anywhere else in the Midwest, SEMCOR can meet all your material handling product needs. Our 35,000-square-foot St. Louis, MO facility is stocked with a large selection of high-quality heavy weight belting products, including that are perfect for high-temperature applications. We also provide unparalleled product expertise, along with attentive customer service and extensive fabrication capabilities.

Heavy Weight Belting Uses & Applications

heavy-weight-conveyor-belting Heavy weight belting systems are those that generate a conveyor belting tension of at least 160 lbs. per inch of width while they are operating. They are typically used for the applications requiring the continuous haulage of heavy, bulky materials. Heavy weight belts may also be coated with PTFE or other heat-resistant compounds that are capable of withstanding high temperatures.

Specific applications for heavy weight/high temperature conveyor belts include transporting heavier parts through curing ovens and cooling chambers, as well as in the manufacturing of products such as carpet tiles, vinyl flooring and rubber extrusions.

Heavy Weight Conveyor Belt Brands

SEMCOR features heavy weight belting from Fenner Dunlop, a premier provider of conveyor systems and services with more than 150 years of proven belting manufacturing expertise. Fenner Dunlop heavy weight belting systems are widely used in industries such as Aggregate/Cement, Coal, Forestry and Oil Sands. Our close partnership with Fenner Dunlop enables us to provide world-class technical support for your belting product.

Fenner Dunlop UsFlex

Fenner Dunlop Specialty Compound Covers

Fenner Dunlop RockMaster

Fenner Dunlop Retardant and Oil Resistant Covers

Fenner Dunlop PSR

Fenner Dunlop PowerGuard

Fenner Dunlop Oil Resistant Covers

Fenner Dunlop LongHaul MineHaul

Fenner Dunlop MineFlex

Fenner Dunlop Hot Shot

Fenner Dunlop Heat Resistant Covers

Fenner Dunlop General Service Covers

Fenner Dunlop Fire Retardant Covers

Fenner Dunlop – DeltaHeat 2.0

Conveyor Belt Fabrications

SEMCOR has the ability to custom fabricate heavy duty/high temperature conveyor belts to your specifications. Our 35,000-square-foot St. Louis, MO facility includes the latest fabrication equipment that allows our capable staff to provide a product for your unique applications. We also have the knowledge to suggest the most effective modifications for your belts.

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