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Choose SEMCOR a reliable, experienced industrial products supplier in the Midwest. St. Louis, MO-based SEMCOR distributes and fabricates a wide variety of innovative material and fluid handling products to companies in Missouri, Iowa, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois and beyond. We supply a tremendous selection of industrial thermocouples and RTDs. SEMCOR provides prompt and attentive service and support before, during and after the sale.

Industrial RTD/Thermocouple Uses & Applications

thermocouple-supplierA resistance temperature detector (RTD) and thermocouple are both sensors that can measure heat in various temperature scales. RTDs measure changes in the local temperatures of metals by sensing variances in electrical resistance. Thermocouples rely on the use of two differing metals within the sensor to produce a voltage that is used to measure the local temperature. An industrial RTD and thermocouple can be used for essentially the same applications. While an RTD tends to provide more accurate readings, they cost approximately two to three times more than thermocouples.

RTD/Thermocouple Brands

rtd-thermocouple-supplierSEMCOR is your one-stop headquarters for various types of industrial thermocouples and RTDs from respected manufacturers such as Dwyer, SensorTec and Love. We also provide you with the expertise to help you choose the right device for your fluid handling applications.

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