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Established in 1907, SEMCOR is a leading industrial supplier for material handling supplies, fluid handling supplies and other industrial solutions in the Midwest. We’ve been located in St. Louis since our founding and have cultivated a team of local experts.

SEMCOR offers a complete line of industrial products and solutions, plus a full-service fabrication facility that can ensure all of your equipment is right for the job. Our customers turn to us time and again because sometimes you need more than a warehouse.


Sometimes You Need More Than A Warehouse

Conveying fluids and materials around any industrial facility requires significant safety and proper construction of handling components. That means we stock only high-quality products that are engineered to provide the highest level of performance and reliability. With more than 35,000 square feet of space, we also stock a wide range of sizes and specializations.


Material Handling

At SEMCOR, we want to be your material handling company. We already have a diverse set of happy customers here in the Midwest, and they keep coming back for more because we’re able to provide a wide range of material handling equipment and specializations they need and solve their material handling issues.

Conveyor belts, components, belting services and even equipment for belt fabrication are all available from SEMCOR. Material handling problems can completely shut down any manufacturing or development process, so we provide an emergency maintenance and sales team to help ensure our customers’ troubles do as little financial harm as possible.

Ask us about all of the right fabrication equipment and support including adhesives, cement, vulcanizers, belt lacers and cutters.


Fluid Handling

Fluid control solutions from SEMCOR are specifically engineered to resist corrosion, abrasion and vibration that can be common in industrial settings. We provide a full selection of lined pipe and fittings, hose, valves, actuators, controls, expansion joints, sanitary products, damper drivesprocess instrumentation products and more.

Choosing SEMCOR as your fluid handling company means you’ll have 24/7 access to all the parts and expertise you need. We offer goods from all of the top name brands including Resistoflex, ITT, Kinetrol, HoseMaster and many more.

We can help you to control every aspect of your fluid handling.


Industrial Solutions and Customizations

When you choose SEMCOR, you’ll get a variety of industrial services and solutions that are designed to provide you with the best equipment to solve your problems. Every process and piece of equipment we sell or provide is checked for quality. That allows us to give you excellent equipment today and make improvements to offer better solutions tomorrow.

Our fabrication process is also automated to ensure our team starts your orders as quickly as possible. No matter how you communicate your needs or where you’re located, we have the right sales engineers to start diagnosing and addressing concerns.

Every time your line shuts down or your product fails to move, it costs you money. Let’s minimize that loss by establishing a smart business partnership designed to keep your facilities running. In the event there are problems, SEMCOR is proud to provide one of the Midwest’s best 24/7 emergency response service.


Expert Knowledge for You

SEMCOR staff has been selecting the right hose, conveyor belt or valve since 1907. We can match products to meet your corrosion issues, recommend conveyor belts to facilitate the movement of materials and select the right valves to keep liquids moving.

We’ve built our knowledge base by working closely with our customers and our key suppliers. Our staff maintains its excellence through consistent training, certifications and testing. The more we know, the more we can share with you and help keep your operations running efficiently.

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