ATL PTFE Lined Pipe & Fittings

ATL PTFE-Lined Pipe and Fittings

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Uses and Applications

Picture Provided by Crane Co.
Picture Provided by Crane Co.

Use ATL PTFE-lined piping in any application where superior chemical resistance is required. Compared to other plastic pipe lining, ATL PTFE has been proven to reduce permeation rates by up to 60%. It is also far more resistant to corrosion and high temperatures, and it features a full vacuum rating up to 450°F.

As a result, ATL PTFE-lined pipe and fittings are ideal for severe service applications, including pulp and paper processing, and power generation. Compared to exotic alloy materials or glass lining, ATL PTFE is an economical choice that gets the job done right. For detailed specifications and more information about potential applications, contact SEMCOR directly.

ATL PTFE-Line Pipe & Fittings Brands

ATL PTFE lining is a proprietary Resistoflex® product, one that was designed specifically to address the challenges of liquid handling in heavy industry. Since 1936, Resistoflex has been a noted innovator in piping technology. ATL PTFE lined pipe is one of their newest and most revolutionary products yet.

SEMCOR is a longstanding Resistoflex dealer for the Midwest region — we know the company better than anyone and can help you choose the best product for your needs.

Resistoflex ATL PTFE

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