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flexaust-silver-ducting-hose-supplierSEMCOR is the Midwest’s top authority for all industrial ducting hose needs. Exhaust and air ducting hose from SEMCOR can meet the demands of large HVAC systems, industrial-level exhaust and ventilation under circumstances of vibration, heat or abrasion.

Traditional ducting hose handles exhaust, air, dust, fumes and even lighter materials in low-pressure environments. We have a full selection to support your specific needs and circumstances.

Some customers may need to operate under higher pressure or expand capacity as their operations grow. We can fabricate an entirely new set of industrial ducting hose to meet those unique needs or even common concerns such as after the installation of a new compressor. Don’t forget to ask us about guards, fixtures and all of the other elements you need to operate at optimal levels.

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Ducting Hose Uses & Applications

flexaust-ducting-hose-supplyEvery industrial plant or application needs good ductwork. When a ducting hose fails, air can become contaminated, shutting down operations or endangering staff. Selecting the right industrial ducting hose isn’t about running to the local hardware store and grabbing the first metal or yellow flexible hose you see.

At SEMCOR, we stock a specific variety of industrial ducting hose to meet specific needs and stand up to a range of environments. For instance, single-ply iron oxide red silicone coated fiberglass fabric hose can provide the significant heat resistance you need, especially when exhausting hot materials.

Ducting Hose Brands

To deliver the best industrial ducting hose, we have partnered with Flexaust for our main offering. Flexaust started manufacturing ducting back in 1938 with a focus on supporting the mining industry. Delivering fresh air was an absolute necessity, and Flexaust was able to improve the atmosphere and life of those working in some of the U.S.’s toughest and dirtiest conditions.

With metal, plastic, fabric and other materials available, Flexaust & SEMCOR have the right ducting hose and support for any Midwest operation.

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If you aren’t finding what you need, you can also contact us for a full range of customization and fabrication options for your industrial ducting. We’ll work with you to match operational requirements from temperature to vapor collection and vacuum support. Fabrication of hose of varying lengths is just another day for our expert fabricators at SEMCOR.

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Take a look today at the wide range of ducting hose we can supply. If your needs aren’t addressed by a standard industrial ducting hose, contact us for help finding the right hose that you need.

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