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Truck & Rail Car Loading Platforms & Racks

Experience is a critical factor for something as important to the success of your business as choosing a supplier and fabricator for your fluid handling products. St. Louis, MO-based SEMCOR has been in business since 1907. Over the course of more than a century, we’ve supplied companies throughout the Midwest with the best fluid handling and material handling products on the market. We back our products with a level of customer support that is unmatched in our industry.

Rail Car Loading Platforms Uses & Applications

Rail car loading platforms are specifically designed and engineered to promote safe, efficient loading and unloading of rail cars, as well as for performing various inspection and sampling applications. They can be configured as rail car loading racks with a single center column design, which is the best choice when space is limited, as well as a multi-column design for heavy load-bearing applications.

Truck Loading Platforms Uses & Applications

Truck loading racks perform essentially the same function as their rail car counterparts, although they are designed to accommodate safe loading and unloading of tank trunks. Truck loading platforms are also available in various designs and configurations, as well as with a broad range of safety features such as safety bridges, stairs and enclosures. In addition to safety, a well-designed truck loading platform will enable maximum operator mobility.

Loading Platform Brands

SEMCOR is proud to offer an extensive selection of rail and truck loading platforms from SafeRack. The SafeRack product line includes stationary and rolling platforms designed for just about any loading or unloading application. As a SEMCOR customer, you also get access to timely, reliable SafeRack technical support whenever you need it.

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