Fluid Handling

Fluid Handling Equipment

Experiencing fluid control problems? When you work in an industry where fluid control is a critical process in your operations, you need the right equipment to safely and efficiently handle fluid flow. The piping running along ceilings, walls and underground delivers vital operational fluids — whether water, oil, or specialized chemicals — to the right places. Keeping the system at maximum operation helps keep your entire facility running correctly.

If you are located in the Midwest, SEMCOR can provide the best fluid handling solution for your needs. We offer a wide range of effective, reliable fluid handling products from top manufacturers, along with the unrivaled expertise that comes from our many years of fluid handling experience.

Whatever equipment you need to maintain effective operations in your plant or warehouse, we have the inventory and expertise to meet your requirements. Our versatile, customizable solutions can handle diverse needs across many different industries. Whether you’re installing a system in a new building or upgrading your fluid handling equipment in an existing facility, we can work with you to find the right options.

Why Do You Need Fluid Handling Equipment?

When it comes to fluid handling, it’s essential to optimize equipment efficiency. A fluid handling system must withstand high operation levels with potentially high-temperature or highly corrosive materials, depending on the industry.

Maintaining a system with the right size, pressure and capabilities to handle industry-specific fluids is critical to a successful operation. With modernized and optimized equipment solutions customized to match your unique operational requirements, you’ll be able to get all these essential needs in one efficient system.

Upgrading your facility’s fluid handling equipment can optimize your system in many ways, such as:

Industries We Serve

As a leading provider of fluid handling products system solutions, SEMCOR serves various industries, offering optimized solutions that fit our clients’ unique needs. Over our years of experience as a fluid handling company, we’ve gained an in-depth understanding of each industry’s requirements. We use our insights to find the best solutions for each customer. Whatever your industry, we’re here to deliver a system that will work optimally for your facility.

Food Processing Industry

In the food and beverage manufacturing process, fluids need to move through the plant throughout daily operations. Sanitary pumps in excellent condition are essential for smooth operation. Positive displacement pumps are most common for carrying materials such as oil, drying batter and deboned meat. For handling fluids such as beverages, syrup and milk, centrifugal pumps are most common.

Medical Industry

Safe, efficient fluid processing is critical for biomedical projects and many other medical fields. The right fluid handling products enable more accurate, productive completion of essential medical work. An optimized fluid handling solution allows bioreactors and other multifunctional systems to handle samples and fluids more effectively. The equipment should also ensure proper procedure to adhere to industry requirements.

Water and Wastewater Treatment Industry

With rising wastewater treatment needs in urban areas and industrial expansion requiring sustainable water use, efficient, effective water transportation systems are critical. Energy-efficient fluid handling equipment allows for environmentally friendly operations and increased capabilities to keep up with rising demand.

Building and Construction

From fuel transfer to site dewatering, crucial operations at a building or construction site require a dependable fluid handling system to optimize workflow. Durable systems that can withstand destructive forces are essential for maintaining stability and smooth operations at the work site.

Types of Material Used for Systems

To best fit your operation needs, we use several types of materials for our fluid handling services. What option works best for your facility will depend on the fluids your operations process and the types of jobs you’ll need your equipment to handle.

When you work with us, we’ll provide a few primary materials options for your system solution:

Our Services to Meet Your Needs

We provide a variety of services and products to help create the right solution for your industry requirements. Whatever your goals for improving efficiency and reducing costs and waste, we’ll partner with you to find your best options.

Pipe & Fittings Fabrications

We can perform custom lined pipe and fittings fabrications for you most challenging applications. We specialize in rigid piping that is specifically designed to withstand the rigors of high-temperature environments and also provide superior corrosion resistance. We can provide standard as well as high-quality plastic lined pipe and fittings.

Hose Modifications

Our comprehensive hose program includes a wide variety of hoses that can be modified to your specifications. Choose hoses made from durable materials including PTFE, metal, rubber and plastic. Our fabrication capabilities include crimping fittings on PTFE hose, clamping fittings on rubber hoses, and welding fittings onto metal hoses.

Valve Modifications

Turn to SEMCOR for the best selection of valves, actuators and controls. These products come from top manufacturers and are made from tough metal alloys and corrosion resistant plastics that will meet your stringent performance and durability requirements. Our advanced design and fabrication capabilities enable us to develop a customized valve, actuator or control fluid handling solution for virtually any industrial application.

Contact Us to Find the Right Solution for Your Facility

At SEMCOR, we strive to provide services you can trust. We offer customized solutions for each client to help you find the best fit for your operations. Since 1907, we’ve been delivering trusted solutions, and today we continue to serve our customers in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Iowa, Missouri and Kansas.

We offer superior-quality products that will facilitate lower ownership costs and maintenance needs throughout their service life. If you ever have an emergency maintenance need, we have experienced personnel available 24/7 to assist you. To provide the best possible technical support for you, we also work closely with our suppliers to get the in-depth information you need.

Whatever fluid handling services and solutions your facility may need for optimized operations, SEMCOR has comprehensive offerings to meet them. Contact SEMCOR to learn more about all of our fluid handling solutions and to receive additional product and pricing information.