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For more than a century, SEMCOR has been a proud supplier and fabricator of a wide range of industrial products to companies throughout the Midwest. We supply a large assortment of reliable fluid handling products, including industrial transmitters and transducers. All of our products are of the highest quality and provide a low cost of ownership, ensuring they will have a positive impact on your company’s bottom line.

Uses & Applications

Pressure transmitters and transducers perform essentially the same function — converting energy from one form to another to produce an output signal that can alter the pressure within a fluid handling system. The primary difference between the two is that transmitters send the signal in milliamps, while transducers deliver it in volts or millivolts. Industrial transducers are the better option for sending electrical signals over shorter distances, while transmitters are the preferred choice for applications involving longer distances.

Transmitter & Transducer Brands

SEMCOR is a leading transmitter and transducer supplier for top manufacturers such as Dwyer, Love, SensorTec and Mercoid. We maintain a local in-depth industrial transmitter/transducer inventory for each of these brands, ensuring prompt, efficient delivery to your facility. We also work closely with the manufacturers to deliver top-notch technical support whenever you need it.

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