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Belting Services

We know that being down is not an option for you. If your conveyor belt system breaks down or isn’t operating at peak efficiency, it can have a devastating impact on your company’s productivity — and profitability. That’s why SEMCOR offers a comprehensive menu of prompt, reliable conveyor belt services you can access around the clock, if needed. We can be reached 24 hours a day, seven days a week to fabricate what you need from our plant or to come onsite and help you out of a jam.

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Conveyor Belt Installation Services

Conveyor belt installation requires skill and knowledge.  If it isn’t done properly, your belting system won’t deliver the results you expect, and it could possibly jeopardize the safety of your workers. Our conveyor belt solutions include professional installation of all types belting systems — we can handle the entire installation process from start to finish as well as providing:

Conveyor Belt Repair Services

A conveyor belting system failure can occur at any time and can bring your entire operation to a halt.  Whether you need major or minor conveyor belting repair work, the team at SEMCOR is ready to help.   We are familiar with virtually every type of belting system used in today’s industrial processes. We will arrive at your facility as quickly as possible and have you up and running quickly.  Twenty-four/seven emergency repair service is also available.


Conveyor Belt Fabrication Services

Below is a partial list of services we provide our customers. Because of our experience and diversified fabrication capabilities that include welding and machining, we are able to offer an impressive variety of belt fabrication services, such as:

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