Ball Valves

Industrial Ball Valves


Automatic and manual ball valves represent one of the simplest and more reliable methods for on-off flow switching of valves. With only a quarter turn needed, they’ve become a standard in almost every industry.

SEMCOR has been a key supplier of manual and automated ball valves in the Midwest for years.  We provide industrial ball valves for the most common as well as unique applications throughout the region.

Ball Valves Uses & Applications

Ball valves offer reliable control that can securely close time and time again. Industrial ball valves have a variety of special applications. These include:

  • Chlorine manual and automatic ball valves are engineered specifically for dry chlorine piping and can also prevent over-pressurization when closed.
  • Steam service automatic ball valves reduce waste and dangers from leaking valves in steam systems. Ball valves tend to resist the corrosion steam systems can generate and maintain a stronger seal.
  • Thermal custom ball valves are designed specifically to address systems with high-viscosity thermal fluids and keep the seal with a minimum seat load.

Ball Valve Brands

ball-valve-supplierAs your leading ball valve distributor, SEMCOR stocks a wide range of models from the best industry brands such as ITT Industries, Richter and Sharpe. Some of our available metal ball valve and lined ball valve products include:

ITT Cam-Tite Metal Ball Valves

ITT Cam-Line Plastic Lined Ball Valves

Richter Ball Control Valves

Richter Lined Ball Valves

Richter Heavy Duty Ball Valves

Sharpe Series N66 – 3-Piece Sanitary Ball Valve

Sharpe Series 66 – High Purity 3-Piece Ball Valve

Sharpe Series 88 – High Purity 3-Piece Ball Valve

These ball valves represent industry-leading engineering and support designed to meet a significant range of applications from fluids under constant, significant pressure to especially viscous or corrosive fluids in mission-critical systems.


Not only does SEMCOR stock industry-leading ball valves, but we also provide a full shop for automating valves per your specifications.  Our state-of-the-art fabrication service includes a full examination to ensure that your ball valves were customized to the correct specifications and perform well in the field. We’re a leading ball valve supplier because our commitment to quality is unquestionable.

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