Loading Arms

Loading Arms

SEMCOR is a leading supplier and fabricator of all types of fluid handling products for companies throughout the Midwest. Every product we sell is geared toward providing less maintenance and longer service to minimize the total cost of ownership. As a valued SEMCOR customer, you will also have access to our capable, experienced sales and support staff, who can suggest the ideal product to resolve your most challenging fluid control issues.

Loading Arms Uses & Applications

opw-loading-arm-supplierLoading arms facilitate the transfer of liquids or liquefied gases between storage tanks via a specially designed articulated piping system. The two basic types of loading arms are top and bottom. A top loading arm is typically used for loading and unloading truck or railway tanks that are equipped with manholes at the top of the unit. A bottom loading arm can unload tanks from beneath, as well as at the rear or side of the unit. There are also loading arms specifically designed for ship loading and unloading applications.

Loading Arms Brands

SEMCOR can provide high-quality loading arms and complete loading arms systems from top manufacturers such as OPW Engineered Systems. Understanding the importance of serving as a valuable resource for our customers, we have forged close relationships with OPW to deliver reliable technical support to our customer base.

OPW Loading Systems Catalog

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