Indiana Fluid & Material Handling

Indiana Fluid & Material Handling Products and Services

St. Louis-based SEMCOR is a leading provider of material handling products, fluid handling products and related services for Indiana businesses. We serve clients in a diverse cross-section of industries and sectors, including manufacturing, food and beverage, chemical processing and more. In our more than 100 years in business, we have developed longstanding relationships with suppliers as well as our own reputation for customer service and engineering excellence.

With an extensive inventory of products in stock, we can provide fast delivery of any order to businesses in Lafayette, Terre Haute, Evansville and anywhere else in Western Indiana. We can also work with you at your location to develop a custom solution to your needs.


Material Handling Products & Services

Efficient material handling should be a key priority for any business — particularly manufacturers, fulfillment centers and other operations with complex supply chains. The right material handling solutions can help you keep productivity up, run a leaner, more profitable business, and reduce the risk of workplace injuries and product loss.

SEMCOR helps clients understand their requirements and suggests customized solutions based on their priorities and budget. Because we sell products and systems from a variety of manufacturers, we have the flexibility necessary to tailor our solutions to your needs. Call us first for conveyor belts,  and other material handling solutions in Indiana and throughout the Midwest.


Fluid Handling Systems & Products

SEMCOR’s fluid handling products include lined pipe and fittings, valves, actuators and more from some of today’s leading manufacturers. We offer both general-duty fluid handling products as well specialized products for harsh environments or high temperatures. Our clients include businesses in chemical processing, food handling and other industries with highly specific fluid handling requirements.

In addition to sales, we provide extensive consulting and engineering support. Our team is available around the clock to answer your questions or respond to emergencies as they arise. Find out why we’re the leader in fluid handling solutions for Indiana businesses and businesses throughout the Midwest by contacting our office for assistance today.


Product Fabrication & Customization

One persistent challenge in fluid and material handling is the difficulty of making an off-the-shelf product work for a specialized application. Often, products will require customization or modification to serve your needs better. SEMCOR has extensive in-house fabrication capabilities. We can alter anything in our inventory, whether it’s upgrading the carrying capacity of a conveyor belt, modifying a valve or welding a pipe to a fitting.

Contact our team directly to request a quote or learn more about how we can help.


Our Partners

Meaningful partnerships with fluid and material handling equipment manufacturers have been a key to our success over the past 100 years. We work with companies such as Habasit, Fenner Dunlop, Resistoflex, Hosemaster, Kinetrol, ITT Engineered ProductsAflex, Chemprene, Inc., Proco and Sure Seal, among others, to offer solutions for every customer we work with. Because of our long associations with our partners, we can provide a level of product expertise other suppliers can’t.

Explore our catalog online or contact our office directly to see for yourself why other Indiana businesses have made us their choice for advanced industrial solutions.