Sure Seal: Resilient Butterfly Valve.500-522

Sure Seal: Butterfly Valve Series 500-522 Product Information


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      Sure Seal Valve Series 500-522 Overview

      Sure Seal Valve Series 500-522 Overview With new, improved patented designs, the Sure Seal Valve line gives you a lot more valve for a lot less cost. Read on to learn about standard features.

      Standard Features

      The Sure Seal Series offers new concepts for both quality and savings.


      The Sure Seal valve stems allow for direct disc control or partial to full product flow. To make this possible, valves are machined from 17-4 Stainless Steel, which eliminates twisting of the stem.

      Top Plate

      The top plate allows for manual handle kits and actuation, interchangeability also available in ISO patterns. Each top plate is machined to standardized drilling patterns.

      Stem Bushing

      The Sure Seal Series valves’ stem bushing is made of full strength and corrosion-resistant ertalyte, which allows them to absorb operator side thrust. To ensure that you don’t run into any problems in operation, keep in mind that top bushing comes standard in all valves, but bottom bushing comes only with valves sizes 4″-12″.


      Another feature is the stem-seal, which is the third seal of the valve. This seal ensures absolute sealing externally or internally for vacuum or pressure service. The stem-seal is available in Buna-N, EPDM, or Viton.


      Valves include two O-Seals, which are patented by Sure Seal. These two seals give a secondary seal as the O-seal becomes part of the body and encircles the stem before entering the seat and disc area. Additionally, O-seals are also at the top and bottom of stem entry, to ensure an absolute secondary seal. The O-seals are available in Buna-N, EPDM, Viton, or Teflon.


      The seat of the valve is designed to meet your specific application. Standard components include:

      Additionally, the seats’ components include 12 other standard compounds.

      Hub Seal

      The Hub Seal also called the Primary Seal, occurs when contact is made between the disc hub and flat surface of the seat. Both the hub and seat seals prevent the product from attacking the valve’s stem or body.


      The lug style has drilled and tapped lugs to meet ANSI 125 and 150 flange standards. Wafer body standard with Cast Iron is also available in the following materials: – Aluminum – Anodized Aluminum – Aluminum Bronze – Stainless Steel – Teflon Coated and several Corrosion Resistant platings

      Disc Screw and Sure Lock Assembly

      The Sure Seal Sure Lock Disc Screw Assembly is made of 316 Stainless Steel and is machined to precision tolerance. This allows Sure Lock to be recessed in the face of the disc, for extra locking ability. In addition to this, Sure Lock holds O-Rings in the proper position and eliminates disc screw back out and shearing of disc screws, which can be costly. The Sure Lock contains two 316 Stainless Steel disc screws. O-Rings are available in:

      It is recommended that Sure Lock is replaced anytime the valve is disassembled or reassembled.

      Flange Seal

      The Flange Seal is an O-Ring of resilient seat, which provides an absolute seal to all flanges within specifications.


      The disc is precision machined and hand-polished for positive seal. The disc is designed with contoured edges for lower operating torque and increased seat life. Sure Seal is the only manufacturer today to offer a full line of undercut discs, sizes 2″-12″. Designed for maximum product flow, the disc comes in:

      The disc can come in specially coated and plated discs for special applications.

      Sure Seal’s O-Seals

      Standard in all Series 500-522, 890-893, 899-892 Valves, Sure Seal’s O-Seals are machined directly into the housing on the upper body on all valves. Materials include:

      Located at the top and bottom of the stem entry, the O-Seals provide an absolute secondary seal.

      Sure Lock

      Without Sure Lock, O-rings can bind and slip from their position. Constant vibrations and opening and closing of the valves can also cause screw blackout and shearing. But with Sure Lock’s patented SURE LOCK disc screw assembly in place, O-rings are held in their proper position and disc screw backout and shearing is no longer a problem.

      Download the Sure Seal: Butterfly Valve Series 500-522 Catalog PDF

      For easy access later, feel free to download the Sure Seal catalog for this product, below. If you have questions about this brand or product and its application at your facility, contact SEMCOR today!

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