Industrial Hose

Throughout the Midwest, leading manufacturers count on SEMCOR for all their piping and fluid handling needs. Our role as an industrial hose supplier allows us to offer our clients a large selection of quality products to support the diverse amount of fluid handling processes used in today’s manufacturing facilities.

In addition to in-stock products, we have advanced customization and fabrication capabilities. Whatever industry you’re in, we have a solution for you. Browse the links on this page for detailed information about individual products, or contact our office to speak with a sales engineer directly.

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Fluoropolymer (PTFE)-Lined Hose

corroline-hose-supplierUse PTFE-lined hose for applications in which high temperatures or caustic materials make conventional hose a poor choice. PTFE is non-stick, flexible, chemical-resistant and can handle temperatures up to 500˚F (260˚C). As a result, it is the ideal choice for pharmaceutical, chemical processing, and other uses.

SEMCOR is an industrial hose supplier of PTFE-lined hose by Resistoflex® and Aflex Hose — two leading manufacturers whose products are trusted in some of the most demanding applications.

Metal Hose

metal-hose-supplierFlexible metal hose is typically sorted into one of two categories: stripwound and corrugated. Both offer specific advantages for different industrial applications. Stripwound industrial hose is known for its high tensile strength, while corrugated hose delivers advanced resistance to high-temperature, high-pressure, corrosion and leaks. As a result, stripwound hose can be found in appliances, wire protection, vehicles and medical technology among other applications, whereas corrugated hose are typically used in heavy-duty manufacturing and process industries.

SEMCOR carries several different types of both corrugated and stripwound metal hose, including products by Hose Master and Anamet Electrical, Inc.

Rubber and Plastic Hose

rubber-plastic-hose-supplierRubber is one of the oldest and most commonly used industrial hose materials. Plastic, on the other hand, offers a number of the benefits of rubber, including its flexibility, but with added chemical and heat resistance. Whichever type of product you require, SEMCOR can help. As one of the most comprehensive industrial hose suppliers in the Midwest, we carry a wide range of rubber and plastic hose products by Boston, Home Rubber Company, Kuriyama and Resistoflex.

Composite Hose

SEMCOR carries composite hose by US Hose Corporation, a leading manufacturer of hose products for chemical, hydrocarbon, marine and cryogenic use. The company’s composite hose offers exceptional chemical compatibility, leak- and seepage-free sealing technology, end-to-end electrical continuity and a number of other benefits not available on other products. For more information about the benefits of composite vs. rubber or plastic industrial hose, or help choosing the right product for your application and your budget, contact SEMCOR directly.


industrial-ducting-hose-supplierFlexaust metal ducting offers reliable performance in light-duty industrial applications. The company’s products are frequently used to vacuum up waste liquids as well as fumes, dust and lightweight materials. SEMCOR offers Flexaust products covering a complete spectrum of size, temperature, application, media and pressure configurations. We can also modify or customize any metal ducting product to better suit your needs. Contact us directly for more information.

Electrical Conduit

Electrical conduit can be found in a number of different products and applications, including machine tools, computer and electronics wiring, nuclear power plants, vehicles, industrial construction and military vehicle components. Flexible, corrosion-resistant and tough enough for mission critical tasks, our selection of Anamet Electrical, Inc and Hose Master electrical conduit offers superior value and performance.

Specialty Fittings and Disconnect Couplings


Specialty fittings available from SEMCOR include OPW Engineered Systems’ quick and dry disconnects, and Drylink hose couplings. These products include a special coupler and adapter assembly that prevents pollution and product loss by eliminating drips when changing hose. Several different configurations are available to support high pressure, high temperature and other specific applications.

As a leader in industrial hose supply, SEMCOR can supply you with the right hose products for any task. If you can’t find what you’re looking for listed on this page, contact our office directly. We’ll be happy to assess your needs and recommend the right product for the task.

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