Proco Expansion Joints

Proco Products Expansion Joints

Proco Products, Inc. is a globally recognized manufacturer of expansion joints and check valves. The company’s products play a role in ensuring performance and efficiency in applications such as food processing, mining, oil and gas production, power generation, and more.

Proco Products offers expansion joints made from rubber, PTFE and flexible metal. All are engineered with the goal of protecting equipment from vibration, thermal energy and other stressors. In addition to this, Proco joints offer low maintenance requirements and exceptional long-term durability.

Proco Products also manufactures a comprehensive lineup of check valves designed to prevent fluid and gas backflow. Proco check valves are completely passive and require no ongoing maintenance or service to continue working reliably. Various styles and configurations are available.

Proco Series 230 – Expansion Joints

Proco Series 301 ET – Expansion Joints

Proco Series 233-234L – Expansion Joints

Proco Series 251 BT – Expansion Joints

Proco Series 260 R – Expansion Joints

Proco Series 271 – Expansion Joints

Proco Series 440 – Expansion Joints

Proco – Style RC & RE  – Rubber Expansion Joints

Proco Products is a member of the FSA (Fluid Sealing Association), the NAHAD (National Association of Hose and Accessory Distributors), the WEF (Water Environment Federation) and several other prominent industry organizations. Through these and other associations, the company has developed a longstanding reputation for industry leadership alongside their commitment to product quality and innovation.

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An Exclusive Proco Products Distributor

SEMCOR is part of Proco Products’ global distribution network serving clients throughout the Midwest. We have a long relationship with the brand and know their product lines intimately. As a result, we are uniquely qualified to provide our customers with expert advice and assistance choosing the best Proco expansion joint for their needs.

Proco Products’ current lineup of expansion joints includes the Series 230 Spool-Type Wide Arch Joint, the Series 240/242 Molded Spherical Joint, the Series 271 Spool-Type Super Wide-Arch Joint and the Series 440 Molded PTFE Joint. Within each of these core product lines, multiple sizes and configurations offer solutions for a variety of common industrial applications.

This extensive variety can make choosing the right product for your needs a challenge. SEMCOR can help. We will take the time to understand your working requirements and suggest the best combination of hardware. Our in-house experts are familiar with the full lineup of Proco expansion joints as well as the issues and concerns commonly encountered in food and pharma processing, oil and gas, manufacturing and other industries.

Once we’ve determined the right product, getting your order to you is easy. We are conveniently located in St. Louis and maintain an extensive inventory of in-stock products ready for shipment throughout the Midwest. Our team is available around-the-clock to respond to emergencies whenever they arise.

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