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Resistoflex has been manufacturing polyvinyl alcohol lined braided hose since 1936. More than 80 years later, it remains a leader in industrial and commercial hose manufacturing, delivering a host of products to companies and organizations around the world.

Resistoflex’s products and inventory have evolved a great deal over the past eight decades to include the latest developments and innovations. But the company’s commitment to quality and performance remains the hallmark of its manufacturing, and its commitment to customer service stands as the driving force behind its success.

At SEMCOR, we serve as the leader among Resistoflex distributors in the Midwest. When you need products from the Resistoflex catalog and you need a trusted supplier to help you secure them, we can be your go-to source. Our commitments to quality products and outstanding customer service match those of Resistoflex, which is why we’re proud to serve as your Resistoflex hose supplier.

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Resistoflex Hose and Pipe Supplier in the Midwest

Looking for a Resistoflex pipe supplier or Resistoflex hose supplier in Missouri, Indiana, Iowa, Illinois or Kentucky? Look no further than SEMCOR. We can deliver products from the Resistoflex catalog to companies and organizations in these states, and we also participate in shipments nationwide as appropriate and as needed.

We always deliver quality products, no matter where you’re located. We’re able to promise quality because we only work with the best manufacturers in the industry — brands like Resistoflex and others. These manufacturers offer the best in pipe, fittings, industrial hose, conveyor belting, process instrumentation products, expansion joints, valves and more. Just as we’re always updating our inventory to include the latest developments and innovations, these quality manufacturers are constantly improving their own products to ensure you’re getting the best possible performance.

When you need to move fluids or materials in your facility, you need products from a trusted manufacturer like Resistoflex. And when you need products from the Resistoflex catalog, you need a go-to supplier that serves your area or region. At SEMCOR, we can be that go-to Resistoflex hose supplier to companies and organizations throughout the Midwest. Don’t settle for just any service provider. Choose the one that’s been helping businesses like yours since 1907 — choose SEMCOR as your Resistoflex pipe supplier.

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Resistoflex Fabrication and Customization

Often, our customers in the food manufacturing, chemical processing, mining and utilities industries rely on efficient movement of fluids and materials to get their work done each day. A breakdown in movement or a system that only partially meets specific needs can be a serious drag on productivity. At SEMCOR, we offer Resistoflex fabrication and customization that helps your facility maximize its efficiency and productivity.

You shouldn’t settle for a fluid and material movement system that only partially does what you need it to. When you choose Resistoflex pipe and hose, you should maximize the value you get from it. We can help you maximize your investment in Resistoflex pipe and hose, and we can help your facility maximize its productivity through our fabrication and customization services.

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