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In 1982, Sam J. Foti founded Hose Master, a company committed to design that meets customer needs, quality manufacturing processes and unparalleled customer service. Today, more than 30 years later, Hose Master is an industry leader because of these commitments. Hose Master’s design excellence results in highly usable and highly effective corrugated hoses that come in a variety of alloys.

Its quality manufacturing processes include custom machinery that delivers products perfect for the application they’re intended for. And Hose Master has been able to build and grow the business that Sam J. Foti started more than three decades ago because of its never-ending pursuit of customer satisfaction.

At SEMCOR, we serve as your Hose Master distributor in the Midwest. When you want access to the effective design and quality products that Hose Master delivers, we can be your go-to Hose Master supplier.








Hose Master Stripwound Metal Hose & Assemblies Catalog

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Your Supplier and Distributor in the Midwest

While our headquarters are based in St. Louis, we use this location in the middle of the country to serve customers throughout the United States. We primarily work with industrial and commercial clients in Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa and right here in Missouri, but we have also participated in shipments beyond those states. When you want high-quality and dependable products and services for your business, count on SEMCOR as your Hose Master distributor.

We carry a wide range of pipes, fittings, valves, hoses, conveyor belt materials, process instrumentation, expansion joints and more. These products are made available through only the most trusted manufacturers — brand names like Hose Master. We choose to work with these leading manufacturers because they provide the highest quality and greatest value to customers like you.

The customers we serve work in chemical processing, utilities, mining, sanitary processes, food manufacturing and similar industries. But they all have one thing in common — the need for reliable fluid and materials movement. At SEMCOR, we apply our technical knowledge, capabilities and commitment to customer service to help create the solutions you need in fluid and materials movement.

When you’re searching for a Hose Master supplier you can count on to go above and beyond in seeing that your needs are met, look no further than SEMCOR. We’ve been serving industrial and commercial customers since 1907, and our products and services are always evolving so we can be sure we’re offering the latest, greatest and most innovative solutions to our valued customers.

Hose Master Fabrication and Customization

Make sure you’re getting the specific performance and results you need when you choose SEMCOR for Hose Master fabrication. As your Hose Master fabricator, we ensure you have the system in place that creates the results you demand.

While we offer a great deal of value by serving as a Hose Master supplier, we understand Hose Master products represent an investment for your organization. That’s why we offer our depth of knowledge and experience toward Hose Master fabrication and customization that helps your vision for your facility and processes become realities.

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