Sanitary Pipe & Fittings

Sanitary Pipe & Fittings

SEMCOR is proud to be a trusted supplier and fabricator of industrial products to companies in Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky and throughout the Midwest. Our wide variety of problem-solving fluid handling products includes sanitary solid PTFE piping from some of the top manufacturers in the industry. What separates SEMCOR from other sanitary pipe suppliers, however, is our unsurpassed level of customer service, a hallmark of our company for well over 100 years.

Sanitary Pipe & Fitting Uses & Applications

Sanitary solid PTFE pipe and fittings, also known as high purity or hygienic piping, is primarily used in applications that must comply with the highest cleanliness standards, typically those administered by the USDA and FDA. . A sanitary fitting is also free of threads, pockets or tight radii. This helps to prevent the harboring and formation of potentially harmful bacteria. The most common industrial applications for sanitary piping include food and beverage processing, pharmaceuticals, personal care and cosmetics.

Sanitary Pipe & Fitting Brands

SEMCOR offers solid PTFE sanitary pipe and fitting products from Resistoflex, a leading provider of sanitary products for industries such as food processing, water treatment, chemical processing and power generation. Resistoflex PTFE contains no plasticizers, fillers, or antioxidants that leach out and react with process fluids.  We also provide comprehensive technical support for every Resistoflex product we sell.

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