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SensorTec manufactures a variety of thermocouples and temperature sensors for industrial use. The company was founded in 1992 and continues to innovate with new products and technologies that meet the needs of a diverse user base. The company’s current lineup offers accurate, reliable performance and excellent overall value.

Demanding industries such as chemical processing, manufacturing and more rely on SensorTec products. In addition to general-purpose thermocouples, the company also manufactures specialized sensors for plastic and high-temperature applications, as well as dairy and pharmaceutical probes and other application-specific equipment.

SensorTec products include resistance temperature detectors (RTDs), mineral-insulated thermocouples that meet ANSI/ASTM standards, temperature transmitters and associated wiring and hardware. Select products feature PTFE-encapsulated sensors for corrosion protection in harsh environmental conditions. For detailed specifications, please visit individual product pages, linked below, or contact a SEMCOR representative.

SensorTec Industrial Thermocouples Catalog

SensorTec RTD Catalog

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We Are a Premier Supplier of SensorTec RTDs and Thermocouples

SEMCOR is an authorized SensorTec thermocouple distributor. As part of our commitment to providing our diverse client base with sophisticated fluid-handling equipment, we work closely with our manufacturer partners to offer comprehensive solutions for businesses of all sizes in many different industries. Because we only carry items from a limited number of companies, we are highly knowledgeable about our inventory and can help you make informed choices based on your operation’s technical specifications.

SEMCOR is based in St. Louis, Missouri. We keep a large selection of products in stock for immediate shipment. We can also provide on-site technical support and consultation around any fluid or material-handling issue for customers within a 250-mile radius. Best of all, our team is available around the clock to respond to emergency requests.

SEMCOR was founded in 1907 and has remained an industry leader thanks to our customer service and meaningful partnerships with companies who share our values. We are proud to carry the complete catalog of SensorTec thermocouples, RTDs and related products. Explore our offerings or browse our website to find more from other innovative manufacturers.

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