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Rupture Pin Technology

Rupture Pin Technology is a leading manufacturer of pressure relief valves, pressure isolation valves, drilling valves and specialty products. The company is known for engineering expertise that results in industry-leading products that are simple, accurate and easy to use. Most Rupture Pin Technology valves can be set in seconds and feature a single moving part that provides dependable operation with a minimal amount of maintenance.

Choose Rupture Pin Technology valves and benefit from lower operating costs and downtime, improved productivity and zero fugitive emissions. The company designs products for a range of applications, including oil and gas production, chemical and food processing, pharmaceuticals and pulp/paper manufacturing, among others.

With more than 25 years in business, Rupture Pin Technology valves have a longstanding reputation for quality you can trust in the most demanding situations. Invest in a quality product for your operation and ask about available Rupture Pin Technology valves available at SEMCOR.

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Since our founding, SEMCOR has been committed to bringing our customers the highest-quality valves and other fluid handling products. We have strong partnerships with some of the world’s leading manufacturers and bring a level of consulting expertise that differentiates us from catalog suppliers. If you’re looking for a valve or any other component, we’ll take the time to understand your business and recommend products that will deliver the best performance and best return on your investment.

We are proud to be an exclusive Rupture Pin Technology distributor. We sell and service the company’s entire lineup of products and bring an in-depth knowledge of their capabilities and potential applications. We can help you put together a package of valves and components that offers a turnkey solution for your fluid handling needs.

Based in St. Louis, we provide service and support to customers throughout the Midwest. We maintain an extensive inventory of products in-stock and ready to ship to you. Best of all, our team is available around the clock to process your order in a timely fashion or assist with any emergency matter.

For pricing or additional information about our current selection of Rupture Pin Technology valves, follow the links on this page or contact our office directly.


Custom Products for Demanding Applications

SEMCOR has more than 100 years of experience providing fluid handling solutions for demanding clients. We understand that every business we work with is different and that off-the-shelf solutions aren’t always the right choice. That’s why we’ve expanded our manufacturing capabilities to offer modified valves and other customized products that suit your requirements better.

We are unique among other distributors in that we can alter products to your specifications. This may involve something as simple as fabricating a bracket or attaching a hose, or a more involved project such as creating an automated valve assembly.

The first step is to get in touch with a SEMCOR representative to request a consultation and quote. Ready to get started? Call or email our office for assistance today.

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