OPW: A History and Brand You Can Rely On

Since 1892, when the Ohio Pattern Works and Foundry Company (OPW) was established, OPW has continually built its reputation as a trusted leader in the manufacturing of products that enable the safe, efficient loading and handling of fluids. From nozzles and valves to flexible piping and electronic gauges, OPW equipment leads the way in retail fueling, chemicals and industrial fluids.

Throughout its history, OPW has amassed the most number of patents out of all its manufacturing competitors in the industry. Additionally, it holds a ISO-9000 certification and adheres strictly to Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing protocols to assure high-quality, long life cycles in all its products.

A quick overview of OPW products includes:

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SEMCOR: Your One Stop OPW Equipment Supplier and Distributor

For anyone in maintenance or engineering in need of the best 24/7 sales, service and support of fluid handling equipment, SEMCOR is your reliable choice. At SEMCOR, we’re proud to be your OPW equipment supplier. Whether you’re just looking for an OPW product catalog or want to know what sets OPW distributors apart from the rest of the pack, our staff has the knowledge you’re looking for, and our warehouse has the inventory you need.

OPW Dry & Quick Disconnect Fittings

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To serve you better, we feel it’s our ongoing duty to maintain a close relationship with OPW. This way, we can consistently provide you with the highest level of technical support and product knowledge to meet all your fluid loading and handling needs.

The SEMCOR Commitment

As your trusted OPW Equipment Supplier and Distributor, SEMCOR is committed to providing you with products that require the least amount of maintenance while simultaneously having the longest service life possible. With this commitment in mind, you can be sure that when you choose SEMCOR, you minimize your cost of ownership while maintaining the quality of the equipment your company relies on to conduct its business in a safe, reliable manner.

If you’re in the general St. Louis area, including the states of Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Iowa, Kansas and Missouri, then we want to be your fluid loading and handling equipment supplier. Contact SEMCOR today!

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