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An industry reference for over 40 years, McDaniel Gauges can be found on equipment all across the country. If you’re a Midwest customer looking for top-quality gauges, SEMCOR is the place to shop. We carry the McDaniel Gauges brand of pressure gauges because we know you can trust them for quality, reliability, and accuracy.

Based in Louisiana, this leading manufacturer of industrial pressure gauges has earned their reputation as an industry leader. With McDaniel Gauges, you’re getting:

McDaniel has been in business for a long time and builds all of their gauges to last. If you’re looking for a pressure gauge that will give you years of hassle-free use, a McDaniel gauge from SEMCOR is your best choice.

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McDaniel Stainless Steel Case Utility Gauges

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SEMCOR: Your Midwest McDaniel Gauge Distributor

Accurate, precise and consistent pressure measurement isn’t just helpful. For many of your processes, you can add efficiency, effectiveness and safety by choosing top-quality gauges you can trust. As the Midwest distributor for McDaniel Gauges, we’re proud to be able to supply you with the full range of McDaniel gauges.

When you team up with SEMCOR, you’re not only getting access to the McDaniel catalog of industrial pressure gauges. You’re also getting our renowned sales and service support and help choosing the right gauge for your application. We invite you to contact us through our online contact form or by giving us a call. One of our pressure gauge specialists will discuss your pressure measurement needs and help you choose the correct McDaniel gauge.

Choosing the right gauge is easy when you consider all of the critical information:

While McDaniel gauges are accurate to 103% full-scale reading, you generally want your average readings to fall in the mid-scale region of your dial. This makes reading and recording pressures easier. Let us know if you’d like our help choosing the right gauge — or you can check out our available McDaniel gauges above.

SEMCOR is based in St. Louis, Missouri, and has been your local McDaniel Gauges supplier and a trusted member of the Midwest business community since 1907. Come and discover what it’s like to work with SEMCOR and let us help you with all of your process instrumentation and control needs today.

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