Eaton Hose

Eaton Hose

Eaton is a longstanding manufacturer of industrial hoses for a variety of diverse customers. The company’s products are suitable for high- or low-pressure applications with slow and fast transfer rates, and for handling caustic chemicals. A diverse product line offers complete solutions for food and beverage, petrochemical, oil and gas exploration, pharmaceutical and other industries.

Chose Eaton if you’re looking for a reliable, high-quality product that’s been engineered for performance. Available products include nylon, urethane, LLDPE and other tubing in a variety of sizes and configurations. You can explore the company’s current lineup of available products using the links on this page.

Want to learn more or need help choosing the right hose for your application? SEMCOR can help! We’re an authorized Eaton hose distributor with experience helping our clients solve complex engineering challenges. Call or email our office to get started today.


Eaton Industrial Rubber Hose Catalog

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A Partner to Businesses Throughout the Midwest

SEMCOR’s expertise encompasses a wide range of fluid and material handling applications. As a distributor of Eaton hoses, we sell and support the company’s complete lineup of products. Looking for a replacement hose for your facility? Our St. Louis, MO warehouse ensures we can quickly fulfill orders destined for the Midwest and beyond.

We can also provide more comprehensive assistance and consulting around a range of engineering issues. More than just a supplier of Eaton products, we offer customers an in-depth understanding of their entire catalogue. If you need help with any issue, our technicians can assess your requirements and recommend a complete solution that’s tailored to your needs.

SEMCOR is also unique in its in-house fabrication capabilities. To complement our inventory of Eaton hoses, we can modify any product to better serve your requirements. This can include crimping a fitting onto a PTFE-lined hose or fabricating more rigid piping that’s better equipped to withstand high temperatures or other extreme conditions.

Our team can quickly turn around any Eaton hose fabrication project. We also back up everything we sell with exclusive support. We are available 24/7 to respond in the event of an emergency — one call is all it takes!

In everything we do, our goal is to connect you with products and systems that offer exceptional reliability. Our role as an authorized Eaton distributor is a small but critical part of this. Learn more about available products on this page or contact our office directly for assistance.

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