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Dry Link is a premier manufacturer of dry disconnect hose couplings for customers in the chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, and food and beverage industries, among others. The company’s products including both standard and sanitary couplings that are suitable for use in hazardous, high-viscosity and high-flow applications. All are designed to provide drip-free bulk transfer of liquids in a variety of industrial processes.

Dry Link disconnect couplings are notable for a specially engineered mechanical interlock system that prevents accidental opening. With this system, it is impossible to separate the coupler from the adapter until the internal discs are closed and sealed. This prevents product loss, safety violations and damage to the pipe and fitting components.

Dry Link couplings have been used successfully in fluid handling since 1992. Upon its initial release, Dry Link coupling was named a “Product of the Year” by Plant Engineering Magazine. Since then, laboratory analysis has repeatedly confirmed its effectiveness — third-party testing demonstrated no more than two drops of total cumulative leakage after a total of 10 connect/disconnect cycles.

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Your Dry Link Distributor in the Midwest

SEMCOR is a full-service supplier of Dry Link disconnect couplings. With more than 100 years of experience in fluid handling, we are proud to develop partnerships with manufacturers who share our commitment to innovation. We believe in working closely with our clients to bring them the best products on the market today.

Dry Link products are ideal for several different demanding fluid handling applications. In addition to their patented drip-free and spill-free design, Dry Link couplings also provide better flow rates with a minimal amount of pressure drop. In addition, their use of lightweight components makes them easier to handle and work with over a long shift.

SEMCOR carries Dry Link couplings made from SS316, Alloy 20 and Hastelloy C materials. Follow the links below to learn more about individual products and their potential applications. If you’re unsure which is best for you process, we can provide expert advice that helps you make an informed purchase decision. Our in-house experts will take the time to assess your requirements and recommend the right combination of products for you.

We are conveniently based in St. Louis and maintain an extensive inventory of products on hand for fast shipping throughout the Midwest. More than just a retailer or reseller, our commitment to service makes us a leading Dry Link distributor and a dedicated partner to everyone we work with.

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