SEMCOR’s Loss of Owner and CEO

SEMCOR’s Loss of Longtime Owner and CEO, Rudy Freedman

Rudy Freedman

August 2015 was a sad moment for SEMCOR, as our longtime owner and past CEO, Rudy Freedman, passed away at the age of 96.  It seems appropriate at this time to remember him and his past accomplishments.  Having a BS in Chemical Engineering and a Masters in Industrial Engineering, Rudy bought Corby Supply Company in 1960 and started the company on a continuing path of excellence in Sales Engineering.  When he purchased Corby, it was a struggling operation.  Under Rudy’s almost 60 years of leadership, Rudy merged numerous companies with Corby to make SEMCOR a successful and well respected industrial distributor of a diverse group of problem solving products.  He was well liked by customers, suppliers and employees.  In spite of his technical background, he always believed in the importance of people in making a business flourish.  SEMCOR is honored to have been impacted so strongly by Rudy’s technical and business savvy as well as his sense of integrity.  We are committed to carrying on the traditions he started at SEMCOR.