Rupture Pin Technology

Rupture Pin Technology

Have you had problems with your pressure relief valves?

SEMCOR is proud to represent Rupture Pin Technology pressure relief valves which offer a unique edge over other relief valves and rupture discs on the market.

View this video to see Rupture Pin at work:

The key to this proven technology is the rupture pin. The pin is carefully crafted using a precise manufacturing process.   As a result, each valve performs its function accurately, consistently, and within an extremely tight tolerance.

The Benefits:Rupture PinRupture Pin Technology Valve
* Fully open in milliseconds
* Accurate + 5% set point tolerance
* Zero leakage at set point
* Buckling pins cannot fatigue
* Pins are external to the process
* Pin changing is done by one person in minutes
Rupture Pin Valves
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If you have any questions or would like a quote on a Rupture Pin pressure relief valve or any of the many other innovative products we offer, please contact Dave Lawrence ( or call and talk to any one of our other knowledgeable sales representatives and they will be happy to help you.