Benefits of Using Ramco Safety Shields

Benefits of Using Ramco Safety Shields

In today’s era of increasing hazards in the workplace and the threat of lawsuits, protecting the health off people in the plant has become increasingly important. SEMCOR is proud to represent RAMCO, a supplier of products that have proved to be a very cost-effective safety device for the control of sprayouts from pipe flanges.

RAMCO first started making safety spray guards in 1958. The effectiveness of RAMCO safety shields has been demonstrated in thousands of installations.

 They are available in metal as well as several thermoplastic materials and can be purchased for all pipe connections, not just flanges. RAMCO also makes a paint to detect acid.

Safety Shields are made for all  pipe connections. Here are just a few examples:

*  Flanges
* Couplings
*  Valves of all kinds
* Expansion Joints
* Elbows
* Tees
* Hose Couplings
* Pumps

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