DeltaHeat 2.0

DeltaHeat 2.0 – Hot Material Belt from Fenner Dunlop

Fenner Dunlop DeltaHeat 2.0 BeltAs one of our major product lines, belting has seen many changes over the years. First was the release of straight warp carcass, which outlasts any plied belt under the toughest conditions. Its only weakness is heat because the covers would melt right off coming directly from the kiln where the temperatures exceed 300deg F. That’s where DeltaHeat jumped in to save the day! And now Fenner Dunlop has gone one step further to make DeltaHeat 2.0!! It outlasts the original DeltaHeat and the competitor’s high temperature belts by maintaining a consistent 400deg F on coarse material without an issue. Click here for more information on this belt.

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