Aflex’s Hyperline FX Hose

SEMCOR is a distributor of Aflex hose.Aflex hyperline hose

We came across the following news article on and thought some of our customers would find it useful:

Hyperline FX is a super flexible smoothbore PTFE hose which offers engineers exceptional opportunity to package the turbocharger feed or drain hoses on smaller modern engines where space is limited. Offered in cut lengths as well as bulk, Hyperline FX has now been installed on over 5 million engines without a single failure. The added flexibility of Aflex’s FX hose allows easy installation of the turbocharger oil feed/drain assemblies thereby reducing installation times and increasing efficiency on the production line. These assemblies are used to carry lubricating oil to the bearings in a turbocharger where high temperatures demand high performance hose.

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